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Ensuring the economically viable use of die-casting moulds for the longest possible time is crucial to the competitiveness of any casting operation. With our high-quality servicing, maintenance and repair services we offer long-lived and dimensionally stable moulds - and help our customers run successful businesses. Talk us to and let our expertise speak for itself! 

Weinmüller Services
  • Mould servicing
  • Initial sample inspection report1)
  • Sampling2)
  • Mould accessories

1) On request we can prepare initial sample inspection reports in our measuring room according to VDA and measurements against a data record on a Zeiss measuring machine with Holos and Calypso software.

2) All tools manufactured by us can be sampled completely on customer’s machines until series production release.

Mould Servicing

The key to quality and economic efficiency in the die-casting process lies in the moulds. These are costly and must therefore be capable of being used for as long as possible. 

We have an aversion to wear and tear in our moulds.

They are however exposed to massive stresses. High pressures and violent temperature fluctuations leave their mark over time in the form of thermal fatigue cracks, eruptions and erosion in the mould material. The consequences of this wear and tear are a decline in the accuracy of workpieces and technical casting problems.  

We have something to counteract this, namely: professional servicing, maintenance and repair services. As a die-casting mould manufacturer with decades of experience, we are also very well versed in this field. Our highly qualified personnel know the problems and have the knowledge and techniques to solve them; from installing repaired parts and changing of cooling circuits to the weld coating of small and large-surface areas.

Repair / Overhaul

Reducing costs, ensuring exact and trouble-free manufacturing

To pre-empt damage and thus lengthy production outages, we offer preventive care and checking of casting moulds. If this reveals weak points - for example when dimensionally critical areas threaten to fall below the specified tolerance values - we will quickly rectify them with individually coordinated procedures. If damage such as cracks, breaks or leaks should already exist, however, we will work in shifts to repair them with precision and minimum delay so that you can get your moulds back to work as swiftly as possible.

Whether your problem concerns entire moulds, sections or moulds from other providers: Our service department is available with full resources in whatever the circumstances. Large moulds in particular are safe with us. Not everyone is capable of dealing with parts of up to 50 tonnes; we have the experience and the equipment to process them with our renowned high quality. 

We will shortly even be able to deploy crane capacities of up to 63 tonnes.

Mould Accessories

Replacement and add-on parts from Weinmüller  

In addition to our repair and maintenance service we also offer you the production of replacement and add-on parts. Regardless of the original mould manufacturer we will manufacture all mould components according to your material, measurement and heat treatment specifications.  

  • Reconfiguration of complete cavities, individual insets and shutters, partial insets
  • Standard cores similar to DIN1530-A / DIN ISO 6751
  • Screw-in cores
  • Stoppers, cascades and separating elements for cooling circuits
  • Slide couplings, coupling heads
  • Locking wedges, guide elements, slide guides, sliding and pressure plates

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