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Customer benefits

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We are a specialist and a 360-degree service provider in one: Weinmüller has in-depth knowledge and offers wide-ranging products and services. A combination that benefits our customers. No matter whether it is a challenging task or short notice, you can rely on our on-time delivery and flexibility.

Thanks to our clear-cut, long-standing specialisation in chassis, engine, structural and gear parts, Weinmüller possesses outstanding process expertise. What is more, we are also your point of contact for hybrid and electromobility. We master all project steps with a strong customer focus. From the initial consultation to simultaneous engineering, production, door-to-door logistics and our extensive maintenance and spare parts service. This results in durable die casting moulds in a range of sizes, which represent a sound investment. In addition to small and medium moulds we can also handle very heavy cases: Mould construction for aluminium and magnesium die casting of up to 63 tonnes of weight per unit.